Exploring Language(s) – Video 06 out now!

The new ‘Exploring Language(s)’ video is out now! This time I dealt with Lunfardo, a rich slang which represents an integral part of the Rioplatense variety of Spanish. It includes words derived from many different languages and dialects due to the massive immigration from Europe (and, to a much lesser extent, Asia Minor) that took place in the second half of the 19th and the first half of the 20th. Watch it in the language you prefer! 😉

🇬🇧 Lunfardo: From downtown slang to Rioplatense koiné    Slides

🇪🇸 El lunfardo: De argot urbano a koiné rioplatense    Slides

🇮🇹 Il lunfardo: Da gergo urbano a koiné rioplatense    Slides

As usual, the links to the video will be stored in the video repository.

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