My name is Enrico Torre, and I hail from Genoa, Italy. I studied Accountancy in secondary school, but it was self-evident that I was not a natural-born accountant. Therefore, I decided to indulge my long-standing interest in language(s) and graduated in Intercultural Communication (B.A. Hons., University of Genoa) and Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (M.A., University of Pavia). Then, I relocated to the United Kingdom to pursue a Ph.D. in Linguistics at Lancaster University. After holding positions as a research assistant and an associate lecturer at Lancaster University and a two-year research fellowship in English at the University of Genoa, I am the course convener of the undergraduate modules English Language I and English Language II at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Genoa – Imperia Campus. Besides my academic activity, I have always worked as a content creator, independent blogger, proofreader, and academic event organizer.

As a scholar, I am rather unconventional because I have a broad range of interests, which is at odds with an academic world that seems to be increasingly pursuing specialization. Moreover, I have always been keener on revising and improving my modus operandi rather than striving to accumulate publications. Nowadays, many consider this as a poor work ethic or lack of purpose. However, I believe this attitude has always helped me keep an open mind and have the courage to question the status quo, including my own beliefs. My main research interests include the following: English language and linguistics, Romance languages (in particular, Italian, Spanish, Galician, and Portuguese), linguistic theories, and the history and philosophy of linguistics. Besides academic work, I also enjoy writing non-academic texts on a range of topics, including history, politics, economics, music, society, and life in general. Warning: since I am always open to updating my views on the basis of new information, my past writings don’t always reflect my current beliefs.

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