A co-authored chapter out now

The book The Diachrony of Ditransitives, edited by Chiara Fedriani and Maria Napoli, has recently been released on Mouton De Gruyter. The volume comprises contributions on the evolution of ditransitive constructions in several languages. It includes a chapter on the history of the English dative and benefactive alternations co-authored by Cristiano Broccias and myself. Have a look at the synopsis and the contents of the book! 😉

Workshop slides available

Download the slides of the talk Cristiano Broccias and I gave at the International Workshop on the Diachrony of Ditransitives! 😉 The event took place at the University of Eastern Piedmont on November 29-30, 2018. It was an honor to take part in such a great meeting. A city like Vercelli, so rich in history and culture, also represented an ideal venue for such an event.


News on reviews

My review of Peter Lasersohn’s book ‘Subjectivity and perspective in truth-theoretic semantics’ is now available on the LINGUIST List website. The interested reader can either read it online or get the PDF version.

Shortly, I will also receive and review the new book ‘Southern English varieties then and now,’ a collection of studies edited by Laura Wright on the varieties of English spoken in the south of England. Stay tuned!