A joint presentation at ICHLL9

dictionaryNext June 20-22, Professor Cristiano Broccias and I will be jointly presenting a paper at the 9th International Conference on Historical Lexicology and Lexicography (ICHLL9), which will take place in Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy. Our presentation will be entitled ‘On the relationship between V and Ving in the English VVingPP pattern: A historical perspective.’ Stay tuned for more news!

New paper accepted for publication

nist+traceable clipartMy new paper, entitled ‘Concerning the radial network view of argument structure: The case of the English caused-motion pattern,’ has recently been accepted for publication in the academic journal Language Sciences. As soon as it is published, I will post the abstract and a link to the online version of the paper. Stay tuned!

My AMLaP 2017 poster

amlap23bThe poster I presented at the AMLaP 2017 conference is now available for download, along with the abstract. Although my presentation was much more theoretically-oriented than the vast majority of the other contributions, some colleagues showed interest in my work. It was really stimulating to exchange ideas with more empirically-minded scholars on our respective research topics (special thanks to Dr. Hiroshi Nakanishi for also taking the picture).

AMLaP 2017 final programme

posterThe 23rd AMLaP Conference – Architectures and Mechanisms of Language Processing is kicking off at Lancaster University on Thursday, September 7, 2017. The conference programme has now been published on the AMLaP2017 website and can be downloaded as a PDF. On Saturday 9, I am going to present a poster entitled ‘Concerning the notion of constructional polysemy’. I will upload both the abstract and the poster shortly after the conference. Stay tuned!

Reviewing a new book on analogy


I have been selected to review Elisa Mattiello’s new book ‘Analogy in word-formation: A study of English neologisms and occasionalisms’ for The LINGUIST List. Since I am currently working on the role of analogy in language (with particular reference to English), I am looking forward to carrying out this ‘task.’ I will post the review in the next few months, as soon as it is published. Stay tuned!

Presenting at AMLaP 2017

This is the post excerpt.

I recently prof. snoopygot an abstract accepted for a poster presentation at the 23rd AMLaP Conference – Architectures and Mechanisms of Language Processing, which this year will take place at Lancaster University on September 7-9. My contribution will be entitled ‘Concerning the notion of constructional polysemy,’ and I will upload both the abstract and the poster shortly after the conference. Stay tuned!