A post in ‘History and Philosophy of the Language Sciences’

My contribution to James McElvenny’s blog ‘History and Philosophy of the Language Sciences’ is now online. It stems from the presentation I gave at the SHESL-HTL conference in Paris last January and discusses the place of the journal WORD in the history of linguistics.

New paper accepted for publication

nist+traceable clipartMy new paper, entitled ‘Concerning the radial network view of argument structure: The case of the English caused-motion pattern,’ has recently been accepted for publication in the academic journal Language Sciences. As soon as it is published, I will post the abstract and a link to the online version of the paper. Stay tuned!

Reviewing a new book on analogy


I have been selected to review Elisa Mattiello’s new book ‘Analogy in word-formation: A study of English neologisms and occasionalisms’ for The LINGUIST List. Since I am currently working on the role of analogy in language (with particular reference to English), I am looking forward to carrying out this ‘task.’ I will post the review in the next few months, as soon as it is published. Stay tuned!