Content writing and text editing

I help professionals and companies satisfy even the most exigent customers by creating high-quality texts and multimedia. Importantly, I tailor my services to your target audience, i.e., you tell me whom you want to reach and I will work accordingly. How can I help you?

  • Content writing and copywriting: I will forge the story you need to attract users and convert them into customers by making use of the right words, pivoting on the strengths of your products and the deep reasons why your customers want them;
  • Creation of texts and audiovisual materials for educational purposes: I will help teachers obtain and maintain their students’ attention by creating the most relevant combination of words and media content;
  • Design and development of editorial projects: I will create the website or magazine you need to promote your products or services, emphasizing how they meet your customer’s needs.

How much is it?

Below you will find the price list for writing services, only.

Price (urgent services: +30%)
Blog article €18 / 300 words
Web text €18 / 300 words
Press release €30 / 2 pages
Press dossier €60 / 10 pages
Press article €30 / page
Commercial letter €21 / page
Writing other texts €0,06 / word
Proofreading other texts €0,03/word

The price for multimedial contentaudiovisual materials, and editorial services  may vary considerably according to the nature of the service required; therefore, I suggest that you contact me beforehand and let me know the audience you aim to reach. Then, I will shortly contact you, providing a quote and inviting you to arrange a preliminary chat (on Skype, WhatsApp, or Telegram: you decide).

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