‘Exploring Language(s)’ is my YouTube channel on language and languages. All videos will be recorded in three languages: English, Spanish, and Italian. A new video will be published every two weeks, and the link will be published here (in reverse chronological order). A summary of the content of each video will also be posted on this page.


As of November 2019, unfortunately, I have to (temporarily) interrupt my activity on YouTube. This is due to two reasons: on the one hand, my project ‘English construction grammar(s): between description and cognition’ is entering a new phase; on the other hand, I am working on a grant application for a new research project. These two activities are going to absorb virtually all my time.


VIDEO 06 (September 15, 2019)

🇬🇧 Lunfardo: From downtown slang to Rioplatense koiné    Slides

🇪🇸 El lunfardo: De argot urbano a koiné rioplatense    Slides

🇮🇹 Il lunfardo: Da gergo urbano a koiné rioplatense    Slides


VIDEO 05 (August 30, 2019):

🇬🇧 Portuguese as an international language: Present and future

🇪🇸 El portugués como idioma internacional: Presente y futuro

🇮🇹 Il portoghese come lingua internazionale: Presente e futuro


VIDEO 04 (August 15, 2019):

🇬🇧 Spanish and Italian II: Lexicon and grammar   Slides-English

🇪🇸 Spanish and Italian II: Vocabulario y gramatica    Slides-Spanish

🇮🇹 Spagnolo e italiano II: Lessico e grammatica   Slides-Italian


VIDEO 03 (July 30, 2019):

🇬🇧 Spanish and Italian I: Pronunciation and orthography   Slides-English

🇪🇸 Castellano e italiano I: Pronunciación y ortografía    Slides-Spanish

🇮🇹 Spagnolo e italiano I: Pronuncia e ortografia   Slides-Italian  


VIDEO 02 (July 15, 2019):

🇬🇧 The myth of ‘real English’   Summary-English

🇪🇸 El mito del ‘verdadero inglés’   Summary-Spanish



VIDEO 01 (June 30, 2019):

🇬🇧 What is Exploring Language(s)? Summary-English

🇪🇸 Qué es Exploring Language(s)?  Summary-Spanish

🇮🇹 Che cos’è Exploring Language(s)?   Summary-Italian

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